The first thing to consider is size. The fuzzy lop is a larger rabbit, while the holland lop is on the smaller side.

The fuzzy lop weighs 4-8 pounds while holland lops weigh 2-5 pounds.

If you are considering housing then both can be kept in either a cage or an enclosure, of which there are many options made specifically for rabbits that allow your pet bunny to exercise and play.

Both breeds are considered very friendly and make good house pets, but if you have small children Holland lops may be a better choice as they are less likely to be injured by a rabbit that is playing.

As for the difference in their coats, the fuzz lop has a coat of long fur while the holland lop has a short, dense coat.

This means that the fuzzy lop will require more grooming, while the holland lop will not.

The Holland lop does have slightly shorter ears than the fuzzy lop, but this is not a reliable way to distinguish between the two breeds.

Overall, the fuzzy lop and the holland lop are very similar rabbits, but there are enough small differences between them to make each an interesting option.


What is the difference between a fuzzy lop and a holland lop?

The main difference between these two breeds of rabbits is size – the fuzzy lop is larger than the holland lop. They also have different coats – the fuzz lop has a coat of long fur while the holland lop has a short, dense coat.

What is the approximate weight of both breeds?

Fuzzy lops weigh between four and eight pounds while holland lops weigh between two to five pounds.

Can I keep either breed in a cage?

Yes, both breeds can be kept in an enclosure or a cage, although the holland lop may be better suited to a small home as it is smaller than the fuzzy lop.

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