In certain circles, there is a debate as to the differences between the English Lop vs Holland Lop. In this article, we present facts from rabbit experts across Europe.

The English lop is a popular breed of domestic rabbit originating in England. The length of the body is somewhat less than that of its height at withers. The head is well-rounded. The forehead is convex with the surface between the ears nearly flat. Holland Lop rabbits were bred in the Netherlands and this breed has a shorter body than its height at withers, with a well-rounded head that is broad and slightly wedge-shaped. However, not all experts agree that these groups of rabbits are distinct breeds.

According to a British rabbit expert, the English lop and Holland Lop are essentially the same breed of rabbit with different names. The name Holland lop was invented in Britain as a marketing ploy by those importing rabbits from Holland. In addition, this expert states that they are one of the oldest breeds of rabbits known.

An Irish rabbit expert has a different view, believing that the English lop and Holland Lop are separate breeds. He believes that the Holland lop is a smaller, more compact rabbit with a flatter head and shorter ears than the English lop.

A Swedish rabbit expert agrees with the Irish expert, stating that the two breeds are distinct.

While the English lop and Holland Lop may not be separate breeds as some experts claim, some characteristics distinguish these rabbits as unique individuals. For example, the Irish expert says that all Holland lops have blue eyes while most English lops have golden eyes with an occasional one having dark eyes. However, neither of these experts claims that these characteristics are show-stopping.

It is interesting to note that the Dutch still refer to their rabbits as Holland lops, which leads some experts to conclude that there is a more rational explanation for the origins of one of these breeds. This may be further complicated by the fact that English and Scottish breeders also began selectively breeding rabbits in the 19th century to develop their lop breeds.

While the debate continues, English Lop vs Holland Lop certainly is two of the most popular rabbits in Europe.

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