ear mite spray for cats – Ear Mite Treatment For Cats. eardrops is a paraffin-based formula that eliminates ear wax. You can buy this from your vet or any pet supply store. This will help dry up the excess yellowish wax and dry out the inside of your cat’s ears. If you see dark brown smelly scabs, use an alcohol swab to remove them.

Do not use cotton swabs as this only pushes the earwax further in and might damage his/her eardrums if it touches them; instead, use a wipe to clean away everything easily and safely. Also, ensure that the area surrounding your kitty’s ears (the entire outer-lobe area) is clean and dry.

Ear Mite Treatment For Cats – Ear Mites are extremely tiny creatures that live in your cat’s ear canal. They feed on the wax and oils of the ears, which can lead to itching, inflammation, head shaking, bad odor from the affected area, and wheezing or excessive vocalization when sleeping (because they’re uncomfortable). What makes these mites dangerous is their tendency to cause ear infections if not treated quickly enough. A single female ear mite can lay more than 200 eggs in a single day!

Ear Mites In Cats – The most popular way of curing an ear mite infestation in cats is through medication. There are lots of topical remedies available including sprays that kill mites in the ear canal, medications to clear away wax and debris through flushing, and liquids that may be administered to numb your cat’s pain.

Ear Mite Spray For Cats – In addition there are home remedies that you can make from items around your house. You can choose from oil infusions, apple cider vinegar mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide, or even mineral oil if you want an all-natural option for eliminating ear mites.

Ear mite sprays for cats – If your kitty has a bad case of ear mites, it is best to take him/her to the vet so he can prescribe the right treatment.

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