Dog Food for Working DogsDog Food for Working Dogs

Working Dogs need to be fit and healthy as they encounter many different environments, such as heat, cold and other conditions. To have a dog that is ready for anything, ensure their diet is also fit for purpose.

Read on to find the best working dog food.

What are Working Dogs?

  These types of dogs include a wide variety of breeds that continue to help humans in various ways. From Guide Dogs, Police Dogs, and even Search & Rescue dogs – these animals provide us with their companionship but also an added benefit from being well-trained. There’s no denying that being a Working Dog can be tough at times so it’s up to owners to make sure they’re caring for them enough :)Why do Working Dogs need special food?

Working Dogs have a higher calorie need than average house pets which is why it’s important to ensure that their daily intake contains the right amount of energy. This doesn’t mean a reduction in quality though as health comes first!

Working Dogs need to be fed with the right proportion of proteins, fiber, and fat too which you shouldn’t adjust just because they’re an animal who works for us.

Amongst all the dog food available on sites like eBay, many are fit for working dogs so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits them. You’ll want your pet to be able to run fast and climb high so giving them something containing Vitamin B1 will help them with this – making sure they can do their job with ease.

What to avoid in Working Dog food:

Some owners will see the word ‘working’ and think they can give them additional treats or let them eat what they like but this is incorrect. The best working dog food isn’t going to have a lot of filler content that doesn’t benefit the animal, which you should always aim for when buying anything containing nutrients!

Being fit and healthy does take extra effort compared to having a house pet though so it’s important not to get too lazy about this. Working Dogs work hard for us – we need to make sure we’re doing right by them by giving them the right food 🙂

Is working dog food only for working dogs?

  When you’re looking at dog food, you’ll notice that there are different types of it which can be confusing. Working Dog food is formulated to provide the best possible nutrition for your pet so there’s no need for them to have anything else.

Working Dog food is made with extra protein and chondroitin sulfate (a chemical found in cartilage) which provides joints with the support they need – especially working breeds. These formulas usually have a higher amount of calorie content too as these pets will often use up more energy than your average house pet.

What should you ask for when buying Working Dog food?

When it comes to buying any type of dog food, there are things you should always ask for. Look for the protein level (such as 16%) which will show you how much of it is actually in there, not just starches or filler.

You’ll also want to make sure that they contain Omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine since these are two things your pet needs to help build up muscles. Working Dogs have a lot of pressure on their joints so this type of food will benefit them in the long run.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your Working Dog needs special food, ask a vet in case they recommend it before buying anything. The best working dog food isn’t going to be cheap so avoid feeding them if you’re unsure that they need it.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry and you don’t want your pet developing joint problems in the future due to the wrong food 🙂

How often should you feed a working dog?

Working Dog food comes in a variety of forms, some being kibble and others being wet. It’s important to follow the instructions on both types as they’ll contain different amounts of vitamins depending on their type.

Kibble is usually used for larger breeds since it takes them longer to eat due to its density. Working Dogs need constant energy though so it’s important not to let them become too hungry since this could impact their work.

Wet food is easier for smaller dogs to eat so it can be given if your pet is feeling tired or they’re struggling with the kibble due to its hardness.

There are lots of options when feeding Working Dogs but make sure you stick to wet and kibble foods rather than giving them anything else since they need special ingredients to help combat their hard work.

When should you switch Working Dog food?

Working Dogs do a lot of physical work as their job can be very demanding on their bodies. When your pet is starting to feel the strain from doing this, it’s important to contain them into a new food that can provide them with better nutrients.

This usually begins when they’re older than twelve months but might start sooner depending on how much they’re hard at work. Always ask your vet for guidance before making any changes to the diet of your Working Dog since it’s important to do this in case they need anything else.

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