Rabbits have two separate uteruses. Both uteri bags expand to accommodate the growing fetus, but only one of them is connected to an ovary at a time. The other uterus will close off until the first one starts producing milk again. This allows more than one fetus at a time without twins being born together. Interestingly, the rabbits have two cervixes as well. This means that sperm can enter one uterus, but not the other – essentially acting as a contraceptive. If both uteruses are fertilized, then abortion will occur. So, yes, rabbits do have 2 uteruses!


Q: Do rabbits have two vaginas?

A: No, rabbits have only one. The two uteruses are separate but are both connected to the same vagina. This allows sperm to enter and exit one uterus, but not the other. If both uteruses are fertilized, then abortion will occur.

Q: Why don’t the two uteruses get in the way of each other?

A: The uterus is made up of muscle tissue to help push out babies, so neither uterus gets in the way of another. The only time they are an issue is when you want to breed two rabbits who are not related. Then, one must be spayed to prevent the rabbits from breeding. In many cases, one of the uteruses will close up if it is not fertilized, thus acting as a sort of contraception.

Q: Can you tell which uterus a rabbit is pregnant in?

A: Yes and no. You can usually tell by feeling to see if there are babies in both since it can take up to 2 weeks for the babies to move into one uterus or another. However, if you breed rabbits that are not related, then it is possible for them to both be fertilized at once and thus carry fetuses in both uteruses. If this happens, the pregnant rabbit should be spayed to prevent complications during pregnancy.

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