Do Cats Bleed when In Heat? Cats go into heat as the days get longer and warmer. Each female cat will come into heat multiple times throughout the year, lasting around four to ten days each time. As it approaches your cat’s heat cycle, you may notice some changes in her behavior. While this article is not meant to be a comprehensive guide on cat breeding, it can help you identify when your cats are coming into heat and how long it lasts.

When should I take my cat to the veterinarian?

If your cat is bleeding or appears sick during her cycles then contact your veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian will be able to determine what is causing the bleeding and provide treatment options for you. It’s important for pet owners to know what menstruation looks like so that if their cat is in heat they can contact a veterinarian for treatment.

What does a normal cycle look like?

When cats are in heat, their bodies will secrete a small amount of blood-tinged vaginal discharge, which appears as blood when mixed with urine. Female cats typically go into heat during the spring and summer seasons, so this discharge may appear around February through September. If you notice your cat bleeding from her vagina or anus outside of these months then it could be a sign that she is ill or experiencing trouble during her cycles.

How long do female cats stay in heat?

The length of time that the female cat stays in heat will vary depending on whether or not she becomes pregnant. A typical cycle lasts anywhere between four to ten days while cats without a mate can stay in heat for up to fourteen days. Kittens born from cats who were not mated generally have a shorter gestation period and will come into heat themselves after only one cycle.

How often do cats go into heat?

Cats typically go through two cycles per year, with the interval between cycles ranging anywhere from three to twelve months. This means that a cat could go into heat as frequently as twice a month or as infrequently as once every six months depending on their life stage and health status.

Not only does the frequency of heat cycles vary from cat to cat but so does the time of day when it occurs throughout their lives. Cats younger than five months old may experience more frequent cycles with earlier onset times throughout the day. Cats older than five months are generally past the early onset phase and only come into heat during morning hours.

How long is a cat in heat?

The average length of time that a female cat stays in heat will vary depending on whether she becomes pregnant or not. If the mother cat is not mated then her cycle typically lasts around seven to fourteen days. When the cats become pregnant then they usually become infertile for two weeks after conception, putting an end to their erratic behaviors such as incessant meowing and pacing .

It takes about sixty six days for kittens to develop within the womb , which means that any signs of bleeding outside of this period should be brought to your veterinarian’s attention. Is it normal for cats to bleed when in heat?

Yes, cats in heat often bleed from their vagina because the pressure inside of the organ is much higher than normal. The discharge is a result of blood forming tissue within her reproductive tract and there should not be any pain associated with it.

Is it normal for other female cats to steal my cat’s food when she goes into heat?

Cats in heat often adopt different behaviors such as yowling or pacing throughout the house which can be off putting for other felines .

How long does an entire cycle last ?

From start to finish, including the early onset period, female cats will stay in heat anywhere between four to ten days. If they are pregnant then their gestation period lasts around sixty-five days so they may not return to “normal” for almost two months.

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