Can rabbits eat without front teethCan rabbits eat without front teeth

As long as the teeth of the rabbit are not broken, rabbits can eat by using their tongues. Rabbits with broken front teeth will not be able to eat properly though because this will make it difficult for them to chew on hay and pellets.

If you find that your bunny has broken teeth, you should consult a veterinarian immediately; broken teeth can cause problems such as infection and abscesses.

Rabbits with broken front teeth usually have to be fed soft foods if they are still able to chew on these types of food. If you find that your rabbit is not eating well, consult a veterinarian immediately because it could be due to other factors rather than just broken teeth problems.

Rabbits have a total of twenty teeth

Ten of these teeth are found on the top while the other ten is found on the bottom jaw. Rabbits do not have front teeth on their upper jaw, but they do on their lower jaw. Unlike human beings who only have two types of teeth, rabbits have four different types of teeth. There are the incisors, cuspids or also referred to as “eye teeth”, premolars, and molars.

Rabbits front and back teeth purpose

Rabbit’s front teeth are used for cutting purposes, while their back ones are used for grinding purposes. The upper teeth of the rabbit go through the lower front teeth to meet the grinders in the back. This is why when you see a rabbit with its mouth open, it looks like it has a really big smile.

Since rabbits have no front teeth on their upper jaw, they have to use their tongues to move food around in their mouths so that it can be ground down by the back teeth. This is why you will often see rabbits moving their tongues around when they are eating.

And that’s the answer to your question “can rabbits eat without front teeth?” Yes, they can, but only if their upper incisors are not broken. If you find that your rabbit has broken or missing teeth, it is recommended that you call your veterinarian so he/she can give you better advice on how to care for your rabbit.

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