Can rabbits eat willow twigsCan rabbits eat willow twigs

Yes, rabbits can eat willow twigs. Willow is a type of tree that has long, thin branches and leaves. It is a common tree in many parts of the world and grows in both cold and warm climates. The sap from the willow tree is poisonous to humans, but it is not harmful to rabbits. Rabbits will eat willow twigs as a regular part of their diet.

Although it is safe for rabbits to eat, you should always remove “hangers” from the cut branches before feeding them to your pets. These are the long, thin pieces that stick out into space when you cut down a branch or tree. They can be very dangerous for rabbits because they look like carrots and might be mistaken as food by rabbits who don’t recognize this part of the willow tree. Remove hangers carefully so that you do not injure yourself or your pet rabbit.

Rabbit’s digestive systems are different than human’s, but there are many things in nature that both animals share an affinity for eating, including plants and trees.

Other plants that are safe for rabbits to eat include:

Alpine Sorrel, Apple Tree Leaves, Apricot Tree Leaves, Birds Foot Trefoil/Beneflora, Blackberry, Bleeding Heart (Dicentra), Bluebells, Borage, Bramble (Brambles), Broom [Sorbus aucuparia] Catkin [Alisma Plantago aquatica] Clover [Trifolium species], Coltsfoot, Common Mallow [Malva pusilla], Dandelion [Taraxacum species], Daisy [Bellis species] Chicory [Cichorium intybus].

Chicory is a good source of vitamin C and rabbits really like the roots. The leaves and flowers are also edible but should be fed in moderation because they can produce gas when eaten in large quantities.

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