can rabbits eat whole oats?can rabbits eat whole oats?

The answer is yes, rabbits can eat whole oats. The next question then becomes – how much of them should they be eating?

Here are some guidelines for feeding whole oat groats to your rabbit:

– Make sure the package says “whole oat groats”, “oat kernels”, or simply “oats”. Some packages say “oats” but are actually cereal flakes, and while these can be given as a treat they should not be an everyday food.

– Feed no more than 1/4 cup per 2 pounds of body weight daily.

– Oats contain about 13 percent protein and 3 percent fat – which is good for maintenance – but don’t let your rabbit gorge herself. Oats are highly nutritious so it’s easy to overdo them.

– Whole oats contain insoluble fiber which is good for the digestive system but may not be well digested if given in too large of quantities. If you’re not sure how much to feed or just want a little extra fiber in their diet, you can either mix them with hay or feed alfalfa hay to make sure they are getting enough soluble fiber.

– If your rabbit is especially fond of oats, try feeding her rolled or quick oats instead. These contain more carbohydrates and less protein and fat, making them a little easier for your bunny’s system to digest.

As with any new food, introduce whole oats slowly and gradually to your rabbit’s diet to make sure she doesn’t have any digestive problems. And like all treats, oats should only make up a small percentage of your bunny’s diet – no more than 10 percent.

can rabbits eat whole oats?
can rabbits eat whole oats?


1. How frequently can I feed my pet rabbit whole oats?

For adult rabbits, you can feed them oats daily as a treat. But if they are not used to it you should let them eat once or twice a week until they are ready for more.

2. Can I give my bunny whole oats if he is obese?

Yes, but if the pet has a serious obesity problem you should not let it eat more than once or twice a week. And always remember to control the number of whole oats your rabbit eats and pay attention to the body condition regularly.

3. Is it okay to give my bunny raw oats?

You can give your bunny raw oats, but you must be careful with the amount. Too much may cause digestive problems.

4. What are some alternatives to whole oats?

If your rabbit doesn’t like whole oats, you could try rolling or quick-cooking oats instead. With these, make sure that it is no more than 10% of the diet. You can also try mixing oats with hay to give them some soluble fiber.

5. How will I know if my rabbit is eating too many oats?

If your rabbit has a healthy appetite, it’s okay to let it eat up to 1/4 cup per 2 pounds of body weight. But if your bunny starts to become overweight, cut back on the number of oats you are giving. And always remember to monitor their body condition regularly.

6. What is the nutritional value of oats?

Oats have around 13% protein and 3% fat. This is good for rabbits because they need protein for growth and maintenance, but not too much fat. However, don’t let your bunny eat too many oats or she’ll gain too much weight.

7. Can I give my rabbit split peas instead of whole oats?

Yes, you can give split peas instead of whole oats to your rabbit as long as she doesn’t have any allergies to them.

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