Rabbits are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. They cannot eat any type of meat or animal products. 

The answer to the question “Can rabbits eat rockets” is no, they cannot. There are many types of lettuce and vegetables that rabbits can eat, but not rocket. If you notice signs of indigestion like diarrhea, drooling, or loss of appetite, take your rabbit to a vet.

The following are some examples of lettuces that rabbits can eat:

– Bramley’s Seedling

– Buttercrunch

– Iceberg

– Red Sails Lettuce

– Salad Bowl

– Salad Mix

– Simpson Elite Little Gem Lettuce

– Oakleaf lettuce

There are also a number of vegetables that rabbits can eat. Here is a list:

– Asparagus  (remove the tough ends)

– Basil (only the leaves)  Chives (only the leaves)

– Beet Greens

– Broccoli (leaves and stems)

– Brussel Sprouts (leaves and stems)

– Cabbage (remove the tough ends)  (red, green, savory)

– Carrots (and tops – scrubbed to remove dirt!)  (the leaves are poisonous to rabbits though)

– Cauliflower (and leaves)  (remove the tough ends)

– Cucumber (peeled and deseeded)

– Lettuce (romaine, iceberg, green leaf, Boston/bib lettuce, red sails lettuce)

– Kale (remove the tough stems)

– Kohlrabi (remove the tough stems)

– Parsley

– Peas (pod and leaves)  (the leaves are poisonous to rabbits though)

– Spinach

– Swiss Chard (remove the tough stems)

– Watercress (and leaves)

There are a number of fruits that rabbits can eat as well. Some of these are:

– Apples (no seeds)  (remove the core)

– Blueberries

– Grapes (remove the stems and leaves)

– Strawberries (remove the green tops)  (do not feed the strawberry plant as it is poisonous to rabbits!) See our article called ” Is it safe for rabbits to eat ?”

– Watermelon (remove the rind and seeds)

The following are some plants that rabbits cannot eat:

– Daffodils  (bulbs) – contain poisonous substances called lycorine and narcissine!

– Foxglove  – contains poisonous cardiac glycosides

– Lilies  – contain poisonous alkaloids and proteases

– Poinsettia  – its leaves, stems, and sap are poisonous!

– Rhododendron

– it contains grayanotoxins which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, and even death!

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