Rabbits eat different types of vegetables and fruits. For example, rabbits eat carrots, apples, cabbage, grass, etc. But there are some plants that you should not feed your rabbit because they’re poisonous for it. Like pak choi! Pak choi is a leafy vegetable that is commonly used in Chinese cooking. While rabbits may enjoy eating this plant, you should never feed it to them. This article will tell you why rabbits cannot eat pak choi leaves.

Why can’t rabbits eat pak choi?

Rabbits are herbivores so they are unable to digest meat or meat products. While meat provides a lot of protein, which is essential for their growth, rabbits cannot digest meat because they lack the correct enzymes in their gut and saliva to do so. The digestive system of a rabbit is not adapted to break down the meat and neither is their diet naturally based on it. This means that adding any sort of meat or meat product into your rabbit’s daily menu will cause them harm.

Pak choi leaves, specifically, contain high levels of oxalates. These are organic compounds that are found in many different plants. When consumed, oxalates can bind to calcium and other minerals in the body and form crystals. These crystals can cause a lot of health problems, including kidney stones and intestinal blockages. For this reason, you should never feed your rabbit pak choi leaves.

When can rabbits eat pak choi?

If you do want to feed your rabbit some vegetables, make sure that it is always fresh and washed thoroughly before giving it to them. If they are cooked, make sure not to overcook them. This will make the nutrients and minerals in the vegetables less digestible for your rabbit. Some good vegetables to feed your rabbit include carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumbers. You can also give them some fruits like apples, bananas, and strawberries. Just be sure to avoid any vegetables or fruits that are high in oxalates, like pak choi leaves.

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