Can rabbits eat lavenderCan rabbits eat lavender

The quick answer is no,they should not eat any part of the plant including the flowers, stems, and leaves. This is because there are many plants that will make a rabbit sick and lavender is one of those plants. So what exactly makes this plant so dangerous to our furry friends and how can we prevent them from eating it?

Lavender contains a toxin called coumarin. This toxin can cause liver damage, intestinal problems, and even death in rabbits. While the flowers may be the most tempting part of the plant to nibble on, all parts of lavender are dangerous to rabbits and should be avoided.

There are a few other plants that will make rabbits sick as well. Rabbits cannot eat alfalfa sprouts or grass, onions, garlic, chives, daffodils, tulips, lilies (other than the day lily), ivy/holly/mistletoe, and azaleas.

Can I feed my bunny fresh flowers?

Fresh flowers are fine for your rabbit to eat, however, they should not replace their daily diet of fresh vegetables. Some safe fresh flowers include carnations (cut the stem before giving it to them), dandelions (from your lawn), lavender (this is ok in moderation), and marigolds.

Can I feed my bunny silk flowers?

Silk flowers should also not replace your rabbit’s daily diet of vegetables and hay. They can be crushed and sprinkled into their normal food for added color and nutritional value. However, if you feel that your rabbit is more interested in the flower than its food then you should remove it from their area and avoid giving them silk flowers to play and eat with.

What plants are poisonous for rabbits?

There is a list of plants that rabbits should not eat which covers most plants including alfalfa, lilies, grass, onions, garlic, azaleas, ivy/holly/mistletoe, and chives. This list of toxic plants also includes daffodils, tulips, dandelions (not from your lawn), ferns, goldenrod, horsetail rushes, rhododendrons/azaleas, pine needles, begonias, calla lilies (other than the day lily), hibiscus, and impatiens. If you are ever uncertain whether or not a plant is safe for your rabbit, please consult your veterinarian.

Can I give my bunny lavender essential oil?

No, you should not give your bunny lavender essential oil. Essential oils are very concentrated and can be poisonous to pets if ingested in large quantities. Additionally, the scent of lavender oil is also relaxing for humans and can cause a bunny to become sleepy. If you want to add lavender to their environment when they are not present then consider using unscented dried lavender or lavender potpourri.

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