Dock leaves are slightly toxic to rabbits and could cause digestive problems if consumed in large quantities.

Rabbits eat a lot of different things and because they can not chew some plants, like dandelions, they make sure rabbits eat plant parts such as the root to avoid poisoning themselves. But gardeners often add weed killers containing sodium or calcium to their plants which make them dangerous for rabbits.

If you want to feed your rabbit weeds from your garden, make sure that there is no salt or chemical fertilizer on it and check with other people who use chemicals in their gardens before feeding any unknown plants to your bunny.

And because dock leaves (dock) contain small amounts of arsenic, nickel, and lead, if too many are devoured there are adverse effects on the digestive system. Rabbits can not digest the toxins of plants, especially when consumed in excess. So it is better to keep the rabbit away from docks or give them only some leaves occasionally.

Can Rabbits Eat Dock Leaves?
Can Rabbits Eat Dock Leaves?

Dock leaves contain high levels of oxalic acid which decreases calcium absorption by rabbits and could lead to disorders in their bones if eaten continuously. By eating too many dock leaves, a rabbit’s tongue can turn black due to paralysis caused by lack of calcium, while blood circulation will be reduced significantly causing problems with coordination and immobility of the bowels are also possible.

So don’t have more than one or two at a time if your bunny asks for these vegetables because they’re quite yummy!

Can rabbits eat dock leaves?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. We know what you’re thinking: “Pffft. That’s not even a question.” But trust us, it is. Can rabbits eat dock leaves? Yes, they can (but shouldn’t). Here’s the thing: You should always check with an expert before feeding your rabbit new foods; however, since most of them seem to think that one or two leaves are perfectly okay every so often as a treat.


Q: What are dock leaves?

A: Dock leaves are the broad, green leaves of the Dock plant. They’re often found near water sources and can be eaten by both humans and rabbits.

Q: Are dock leaves poisonous to rabbits?

A: While not deadly, dock leaves do contain small amounts of arsenic, nickel, and lead. If consumed in large quantities, this can cause digestive problems and paralysis if eaten continuously.

Q: How many dock leaves can the rabbit eat?

A: We recommend a maximum of two or three at a time, which is still quite a low number. Having more than that might be okay every once in a while as a treat, but don’t do it often.

Q: How often can rabbits eat dock leaves?

A: As much as they want, every once in a while! We know that sounds kind of weird, but if you’re looking for answers to specific questions about what your rabbit can and cannot eat, this is probably not the best place to go. Instead, contact a professional.

Q: What are the adverse effects of eating too many dock leaves?

A: A lack of calcium can cause the tongue to turn black, reduce blood circulation, coordination problems, and immobility of the bowels. If consumed in large quantities, dock leaves can also be harmful to the digestive system.

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