Budgerigar or parakeet seed is a specific type of birdseed that some people feed their rabbits instead of regular rabbit food.

It’s usually okay to give your rabbit some birdseed from time to time, but it should never make up the bulk of his diet.

It is best to cook any budgie seed before feeding it to your rabbit. This will help to break down any potential toxins that may be in the seed.

Rabbits should not eat raw birdseed as it can cause them to develop health problems such as obesity, malnutrition, and gastrointestinal issues.


How much budgie seed can I give my rabbit?

Never feed your rabbit more than one teaspoon of parakeet seed per six pounds of his body weight or one ounce for every 12 pounds of body weight. This will help to prevent your rabbit from becoming overweight or malnourished.

If you are concerned about the nutritional value of birdseed, you can mix it with other healthy foods like hay, fresh vegetables, and fruit to create a balanced diet for your bunny.

Budgie seed is not a necessary component of a house bunny’s diet, so it should only be given in small amounts.

Rabbits are strict herbivores and need more than just grass to stay healthy.

This seed is not the right type of food for your pet rabbit.

It lacks many of the nutrients that rabbits need to remain strong and healthy.

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