A kitten is a baby cat. She needs her mom to take care of her until she’s about six months or so. Then once you feel that your kitten can eat normal cat food, it’s time to start transitioning from milk and formula to regular kitty cuisine. There are three stages in the transition process:

– Gradual introduction stage is where you mix one part of the new food with two parts of the old food for a few days before gradually making the mix more new than old over the course of a week.

– Buffet stage is where you put down an assortment of food and let the kitty eat what she will for a few days.

– Boredom stage is where the buffet is taken away and the kitty gets her new diet exclusively for about a week.

Honestly, it takes longer to read about the transition than to actually do it! If your kitten won’t touch the new food after three or four tries, just try again in a few days. As long as there’s no sign of diarrhea, vomiting, or weight loss (in which case you should call the vet immediately), trying something different probably won’t hurt. But if you think your kitten doesn’t like his current food, it’s best not to mix too many things at once.


Why Not Other Foods?

It’s actually very common for kittens to eat human food. But it’s not safe to feed them table scraps, even though they will likely beg you for more. It isn’t good for their teeth and could upset their tummies, not to mention exposing them to dangerous bacteria if the food isn’t handled properly.

Just as with babies, solid foods should be off-limits until a cat is at least four months old. The exception is if your kitten needs a special diet because she has a health condition or other dietary restriction. In those cases, speak with your vet about how often your kitten can have human foods -and what those foods might be.

In short:’t worry too much about giving your kitten human food. But do feed her healthy cat food and watch her weight and poop output closely for signs of health issues.

Cats can eat normal cat food, but you should always consult with your vet before changing a diet or adding anything to their regular regimen because it could be unsafe for the animal’s health.

In general, kittens cannot have many types of foods that are safe for humans because they can cause serious illness in small animals who have not developed a strong immunity to those foods yet. One example is onions which are very poisonous to cats so even traces of them or onion powder must be avoided when possible or feeding a kitten a full meal with a lot of onion would likely kill them as not all cats are immune to its effects.


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