Most of my friends tell me I should not give my cat chicken broth they seem to think it would make her sick, or upset her stomach. Most people say that she is a carnivore and so any vegetables are bad for her but I know animals can be fed on vegetarian diets too.

The answer, unfortunately, is no. your cat cannot eat carbs, least of all-vegan ones. you are killing your little furball with kindness by trying to fatten her up with some tasty broth. what you have described is essentially force-feeding an animal food that it has never evolved to eat.

If your cat was starving, perhaps you could justify this kind of malpractice by pleading necessity. but she is probably just a little bit spoiled. cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat to survive. no meat, no cat. vegan chicken broth doesn’t count as meat, so don’t bother giving it to her under any circumstances.

So I am pretty sure you’re asking if you can feed your cat chicken soup, they aren’t meat-eaters.  Soup or broth is made from vegetables and/or grains that have been boiled in water.  The ingredients don’t sound so bad but once you add boiling water all the goodness leaches out of the veggies and into the soup.

Find out if you can give your cat chicken broth, and why chicken broth is so important for cats.

Cats need protein and fat in their diets to stay healthy and for normal organ function. They do not naturally eat carbs…ever.  Their bodies are unable to process them which leaves undigested food particles lying around causing inflammation everywhere. A little bit won’t hurt them though according to some people I’ve talked with about this subject including a vet tech friend of mine (who also says no) because it’s such a small amount.  It’s like when people tell me I should just let my cats “have one bite” of something because it won’t hurt them.  The problem is that the cat will keep asking for more and more until they eat so much that they get sick or if you don’t watch them, they may do damage to their digestive system like dogs who can eat too many grapes (treats).


So in short, don’t feed your cat chicken broth/vegetable broth because it’s not good for them to eat carbs. It’s also disgusting because honestly, how many cats do you know that voluntarily go out and hunt down bags of carrots? This goes for dogs too by the way.

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