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Treat yourself with tasty Frozen Yogurt made from coconut milk!

                 Humans have been eating yogurt since the beginning of civilization. And now, people are enjoying it even more by turning it into a healthy snack for adults, filled with gut-healthy probiotic cultures – perfect for those watching their weight. But did you know can Dogs Eat Frozen Yogurt too? For them, it is an excellent source of probiotics and calcium, which are great for their bones.

– Rich in probiotic cultures & prebiotic dietary fiber

– Acts as a digestive aid while promoting the growth of friendly bacteria

                 Healthy frozen yogurt for dogs contains all-natural ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives, making it an ideal way to bond with your canine companion! Plus, frozen yogurt can act as a healthy treat between meals that help contribute to weight management by providing extra support to the gastrointestinal tract. The fermentation process also helps break down complex carbohydrates into smaller sugars that are more readily digested. And unlike other treats on the market, healthy frozen yogurt provides active cultures and prebiotic dietary fibers – both of which help promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your dog’s gut.

Frozen yogurt also helps provide a number of nutrients that are essential for your pet’s wellbeing, which includes calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, potassium to manage blood pressure levels, as well as B vitamins which help maintain a healthy nervous system. And because probiotics found in frozen yogurt differ from those found in supplements, they can help support both dogs and cats with skin allergies or yeast infections.

What flavors does Dog Frozen Yogurt come in?

Low Fat – Perfect for weight management! Made with coconut milk which is high in lauric acid acting as an antimicrobial agent against yeast and fungus. This low-fat option has just 110 calories per cup. It also contains no sugar and is sweetened with monk fruit.

Strawberry – Other than yogurt, this flavor contains strawberry puree and strawberries. It has no added sugar but contains all the sweetness from the fruits. This product helps maintain weight while providing essential nutrients to your pet’s body including prebiotics & probiotics.

Chocolate – Even dogs love chocolate! This frozen yogurt flavor consists of cocoa powder, giving it a rich dark chocolate color mixed with other ingredients such as bananas and blueberries that contribute to its bright hue while offering additional nutritional benefits to your dog.

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