Dogs belong to the order Carnivora which consists of animals that are primarily meat-eaters, specifically if their diet is composed mainly of animal tissue. Nevertheless, dogs can also take in certain non-animal substances without any ill effects so long as they do not comprise a significant nutritional proportion of the dog’s total food intake.

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Yogurt?

It should be noted that dairy products such as yogurt contain lactose which is essentially milk sugar. Because dogs lack the enzyme lactase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose into simpler sugars upon ingestion, this will likely cause gastrointestinal problems like bloating and diarrhea.

Some degree of stress may be caused by your pet’s cardiovascular system due to the increase of the blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract. While yogurt is low in lactose when compared to other dairy products, it may still cause problems when consumed by dogs.

Can dogs eat cherry flavored yogurt?

Although dogs can eat cherry-flavored yogurt, they should be prevented from doing so because yogurt does not provide sufficient nutritional value for an average dog. Furthermore, the sugar content present in such products will mostly be consumed by harmful bacteria that could reside within your dog’s gastrointestinal tract like Salmonella and E Coli.

Can dogs eat yogurt?

Dogs can eat yogurt but should not be given access to it. Since yogurt does not provide an essential nutrient that dogs need, giving them this food will just be a waste of time and money for owners. Yogurt is mostly composed of lactose which makes up the sugar content of dairy products.

What flavors of yogurt are safe for dogs?

Puppies can eat fruit-flavored yogurt without any problems. However, the sugar content in the product should be considered to prevent obesity and dental diseases.

What yogurt brands can dogs eat?

Although there are no specific yogurt brands that dogs cannot eat, it is best to consult with a veterinarian if you plan on feeding your dog this kind of food. Feeding dogs with certain yogurt flavors can be dangerous especially if they contain ingredients that could lead to health complications for pets. Yogurt that contains toppings and chocolate should not be given to dogs.

Other types of yogurt not safe for dog consumption:

Aside from fruit-flavored yogurt, other flavors and toppings contained in yogurt products should also be avoided by dogs. These ingredients can cause obesity and dental problems so it is best to learn which ones they are and stay away from them.

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