Can Dog Eats Wood Chips?Can Dog Eats Wood Chips?

Dogs who are chewers, like to wander around looking for something that they can chew. The obvious answer would be “chew toys”. Some like chewing on their food or even other things. One other thing it could be though is wood chips used in landscaping small trees, other plants and the grass itself could contain mold spores which are dangerous to animals.

Can Dog Eats Wood Chips?
Can Dog Eats Wood Chips?

*This should not be confused with obedience training where dogs are taught to bark on command or ‘speak’ on command. It is a completely different issue that does not have anything to do with being instructed to speak when asked to do so.

If this might be an option for your dog then read no further because you need guidance from someone who will provide the best training for your pet.

*Because the reasons mentioned here are not because dogs should bark on command, but to clarify something that confused me first. This is also referring to dogs barking independently of human instruction.

*This issue needs investigation and research before any conclusions can be reached

Now, back to the original question: can dogs eat wood chips?

I’m sure your answer might be yes since many dogs eat grass willy-nilly without you telling them so right? But there’s a difference between eating edible plants and non-edible ones, unlike tasty green grass maybe these wood chips aren’t as healthy, or at least you think they’re not.

Dogs that ingest moldy food could get serious health problems like liver damage which will only worsen if not treated right away.

Not only that, wood chips can cause an upset stomach for your pooch too! Some people don’t think it’s important but in reality, dogs are also struggling with environmental problems since they’re everywhere and their effects on living creatures aren’t immediately visible. They might get lung cancer from breathing in the spores of moldy plants or grass if they stay long enough near them or ingest it by eating it.

Now you know the reason why you should keep your dog away from wood chips and grass which is landscaped using these things even if it looks perfect to you since we’re all blind to small details like this aren’t we?

If not then maybe I did kind of exaggerate a little bit but let me just tell you this: if not treated right away or soon enough, your dog could end up having liver damage for the rest of its life. It’s that serious.

On the other hand, dogs are also known to chew on items that are either food or not because they’re too hungry even if they just ate.

This is why it’s important to make sure that all garbage has been properly disposed of especially when small animals might come in contact with them which isn’t good at all! Not only do pets get sick from eating things like plastics but so can humans as well.

It’s time for us to realize these facts and focus more on our environment which is now slowly dying before our very eyes! We should start worrying about how we can take care of the environment more to maintain a good quality of life! It’s not just about dogs that eat wood chips but also humans too.


Q1.How do you know that dogs eat wood chips?

A: The reason why this article was created and even published is that I and my dog were chewing on grass and he kept wanting more of it until we found out there were wood chips mixed in with the grass! It wasn’t funny at all because he started coughing after that which was scary for me! I thought he might have gotten sick because of the wood chips but turned out to be allergic to mold spores which is why it led to him coughing.

Q2.Are dogs allowed to eat grass?

A: Yes, absolutely unless you know for sure that it’s landscaped with wood chips or anything toxic to them! If you know that your dog loves grass then it’s a good idea to ask a vet first if those particular pieces of grass are toxic or not.

Q3.Does wood chips give dogs liver damage?

A: It depends on the species of dog and how much was ingested but yes, it can lead to potential health problems to them such as liver damage if it’s not treated right away.

Q4.My dog ate a piece of wood, what do I do?

A: There’s a number you can call in case this ever happens to your pet but if it doesn’t then just monitor its behavior and take it to the vet now and then for a check-up. If you notice anything out of the ordinary then don’t think twice about it because it’s not just about money but also your dog’s health so take them to a vet immediately!

Q5.My dog eats wood chips all day, is that normal?

A: Not really, if he or she is eating it all day then it’s a good idea to take them to the vet and see what they have to say about these behaviors. If we can’t be responsible pet owners for our pets then who will? We need to do something about it ASAP before they suffer from serious health problems like liver damage, asthma, and even lung cancer! It might not happen right away but eventually, it will if this behavior is not corrected immediately!

Q6.Can dogs get brain damage from eating wood chips?

A: Yes, they can which explains why your dog started acting weird after eating them. It might not be caused by the wood chips but take your dog to a vet for proper treatment just in case! CORRECTION: It says liver damage, not brain damage!

Q7.Can dogs eat sticks?

A: Yes they can but only the ones which are properly dried out and won’t get caught in their throat or anything like that. Even so, you should still monitor how much your dog is eating because too much of anything isn’t good for them especially if it has the potential to lead to other serious problems such as liver damage!

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