Can Dog Eat Whole Chicken?Can Dog Eat Whole Chicken?

A whole chicken is one of the food that many dogs can but there are some other foods you should keep away from your dog to avoid any health-related issue. The first thing you need to know is if your dog can eat raw meat or not. Many people feed their dogs with raw meat and bones every day without having any supporting evidence for it. While there are also people who refuse this act saying that feeding dogs with raw meat could bring more harm than good.

As an owner, you should be aware of what is best for your dog based on the evidence instead of what other people say about it.

Can Dog Eat Whole Chicken?
Can Dog Eat Whole Chicken?

whole chicken contains an important source of protein which also provides necessary minerals to our body; calcium, potassium, copper, selenium, and phosphorus. Phosphorus works hand in hand with calcium to provide strong bones while potassium is needed for the normal growth of cells.

The next benefit that you can get from whole chicken is vitamin B6 which can help reduce stress levels and aid in fat-burning processes. Vitamin C on the other hand is good for your dog’s immune system so it will be easier for him to fight against bad bacteria or viruses.

While not every type of meat is suitable for dogs, whole chicken has some health benefits to offer but there are also some things you need to remember before feeding your dog with a whole chicken.

First thing first; whole chicken contains a high level of protein so it leads to weight gaining problems if your dog consumes too much whole chicken. Obesity is not good for your dog’s health so buying large amounts of whole chickens to prevent obesity would be evidence of overindulgence.

As the saying goes, too much of anything isn’t good including whole chickens. If you are wondering if can dogs eat raw chicken bones, this will be the second question to answer here. Even though raw chicken bones are rich in calcium and phosphorus but they could lead to choking or stomach problems because they are not easy for us humans to chew. However, certain breeds eat cooked bones or ground bone supplements without any problem at all, while some other breeds still get affected by it which leads to painful illnesses like constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and blood among many others.

The best time to serve whole chicken for your dog is between four and six months. The growth of bones, tendons, and muscles still needs enough amount of protein intake to help the bone grow stronger without suffering from any deformity.

However, if your dog already reached two years old then you should consider giving him only half servings twice a week because large amounts of protein could harm his kidney condition in the long run. Moreover, try not to give whole chickens that are cooked or roasted as it will remove all nutrients that are needed for your dog’s development.

You can refrigerate all parts of the chickens within three days after buying them based on their packaging guidelines but make sure you follow certain steps before serving them.

The first thing first is to wash the whole chicken with cold running water to remove dirt or any stain on the chicken’s body. After putting it on a separate plate, make sure you are putting it in a refrigerator where food is kept only for immediate consumption.

Once the chicken has been refrigerated, don’t leave them outside longer than one month because bacteria will start to appear when it reaches one month inside the fridge.

Besides that, you should also remember that washing chickens cannot remove all harmful bacteria from them. If your dog developed any stomach problem after consuming large amounts of whole chickens then you should bring him to see your veterinary immediately for better treatment. Be careful when feeding your dog with whole chickens and check his health regularly so if there is something wrong with his health status, you can catch it early before the problem becomes worse.

Where To Find Whole Chicken For Dogs?

Before purchasing any whole chickens for your dog, make sure it’s healthy and suitable for their consumption. Check the packaging of chickens or read some whole chicken reviews to see what other people are saying about this specific brand. If it has high ratings and reviews from other pet parents, you can purchase it without any second thought. You can even ask some fellow pet parents about their personal experiences with this brand and why they decided to give them a try.


1. Why are Whole Chickens Bad for Dogs?

Dogs can easily get food poisoning if they consume a whole chicken that contains a lot of bacteria because the bones and internal organs of chickens are not cleaned well enough. That’s why it’s important to wash the whole chicken before serving it to your beloved dog.

2. Can Dogs Eat a Whole Chicken a Day?

– It’s not recommended to give dogs more than one whole chicken in a day because it can pose some health risks to your dog’s internal organs if they consumed large amounts of protein.

Moreover, there are some people that believe that feeding their dogs with too many bones or meat is bad for the digestion system of their dogs, which is why you should be very careful when giving them whole chickens.

3. How to Make Whole Chicken More Tasty for Dogs?

– You can make a concoction by mixing vegetables and crushed bones of chicken as it will help your dog digest the food better than before. However, you still need to wash the bones properly with warm running water because there are still traces of bacteria that can harm your dog’s health if it gets worse.

4. Are Whole Chickens Good for Dogs?

– Whole chickens are good for dogs as long as you wash them before serving it to them. Just make sure the chickens are not spoiled, unrefrigerated or already expired so you can make sure the chicken you serve to your dog is safe and healthy.

5. Can Dogs Eat Whole Chicken Wings?

– Dogs won’t be able to eat the whole wings of chickens as each wing has a lot of bones and it’s hard for dogs to chew. Moreover, if the chicken already contains harmful bacteria within them then giving them wings will only make it worse because they won’t be able to wash the wings before eating them.

6. Can Dogs Eat Whole Chicken Bones?

– Yes, dogs can eat whole chicken bones as long as you give them raw whole bones and not cooked ones. However, make sure you take care of your dog’s health by checking his feces after feeding him with the whole chicken bones. If it contains traces of blood then you should stop feeding your dog with bones immediately.

7. Can Dogs Eat Whole Chicken Feet?

– You can definitely give dogs whole chicken feet as long as they are also raw, however, make sure you clean them well enough before serving them to your dog . You can even give dogs whole chicken feet as treats for their training.

8. Can Dogs Eat Whole Chicken Hearts?

– Dogs can definitely eat meat hearts of chickens, but make sure it’s properly cooked first to kill any types of bacteria that might be present on it. You may also want to consider checking your dog’s feces after feeding them with whole chicken hearts because it might contain traces of blood if there are still raw parts that your dog wasn’t able to eat.

9. Can Dogs Eat Whole Chicken Necks?

– Giving dogs whole chicken necks is not recommended as it can be difficult for them to chew, thus, making them choke or suffocate. Moreover, giving dogs too many bones might not be good for their digestive system as it can cause some bloating, gas, and discomfort.

10. Can Dogs Eat Whole Chicken Livers?

– Yes, dogs can eat whole chicken livers, but just make sure they are completely cooked to kill all harmful bacteria that might harm your dog’s health. You also need to check your dog’s feces to make sure the livers didn’t cause any problem with his digestion system.

11. What Nutrients Can Dogs Get from Whole Chickens?

– Your dog can get a lot of protein and calcium from whole chickens, that’s why it’s also recommended to give them cooked bones as they will provide your dog with a better source of calcium that will help their bones grow stronger. However, there is some better sources of nutrients for your dogs so it’s recommended to give them whole chickens with veggies and crushed bones together as it will do more good for your dog.

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