We know that tuna is a staple in the cat food industry, but can cats eat just any kind of tuna? While canned tuna may be less harmful than other forms, it has its share of risks, especially for cats. So yes, cats can eat tuna in oil. However, you will want to feed your kitty only canned tuna with minimal ingredients and no added oils or seasonings.

Tuna oil on canned fish

Most cans of tuna will have some type of oil or water on them depending on the manufacturer. Some choose to use this as a way to increase their profits by adding cheap sources of fat and calories for humans during processing which does not help pet health whatsoever. However, some companies albacore instead of tuna as oil as a way to provide cat food companies with more options and variety for their products.

Albacore tuna is the more expensive option, so it makes sense that some companies will try to save money by using tuna instead of albacore. This does not mean you should stop buying cans of tuna altogether. However, if your kitty has health issues or you are looking for healthier options, purchase canned light tuna packed in water rather than regular canned tuna which almost always contains added oils during processing. Always check the label carefully before feeding your pet any type of can food to ensure they are getting the best quality possible.


Canned tuna vs wet cat foods

While most vets do encourage canned foods instead of dry, the fact is that the majority of canned foods are far more nutritionally sound than most dry foods on the market. While it may be cheaper to feed your kitty a healthy diet, it does not always mean you should purchase cheap food just because you are on a budget. If you can afford quality, then do so for your cat’s health.

Unfortunately, many times pet owners find themselves in need of feeding their pets something because they cannot afford better options but this never justifies poor nutrition. It is possible to mix some low-grade brands with higher grade ones if money is an issue while still providing your pet with single-source proteins and other essential nutrients without any carbohydrates or unnecessary fillers. Always remember that cats are obligate carnivores which means they only thrive when they receive high protein diets.

Canned tuna for cat treats

If you want to feed your feline canned tuna as a treat, that is perfectly fine. However, do not try to get them hooked on it thinking it’s healthy because once you stop giving it, they may act out and become picky eaters refusing their usual food. This of course can lead to dire consequences for your pet’s health so make sure they are eating right all the time rather than just sometimes.

Cats love tuna!

After reading this article about cats eating tuna in oil, you should know the answer to the question “can cats eat tuna in oil?” Sure, they can have some but be careful when choosing between light or regular since the regular will probably have more oils added during processing. As always, read the label carefully to ensure you are feeding your pet a quality product. Remember that almost all canned foods are better than dry so be a smart shopper and do not let price sway you away from the healthier options. This is good news for cats…can they have tuna salad?

Tuna salad is fine for human consumption but never give it to your kitty because of possible parasites that may reside in the bowl or on surfaces after it has been prepared. If you ever wanted to feed cat food to a human being, this would be an example of one type of food that should never be eaten by humans but is perfectly fine for cats to eat.

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