The short answer to this question is yes. In fact, cats can eat brown rice and many other types of rice.

While it’s recommended that you don’t give your cat white rice, there are no real reasons why you shouldn’t feed your cat brown rice. I would recommend that if a human eats a certain thing then you should always try to find out whether the same food is safe for a cat too before feeding it to your kitty. Some people think that because cats eat mice they must also be able to eat mushrooms for example but in fact, most types of mushrooms are poisonous to cats. Brown rice isn’t poisonous though so ​you can happily share the meal with Fido…

Best not leave the bag open where she can get into it though!

It’s also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t feed your cat any rice that has had seasoning on it. This is because the salt in the seasoning is not good for cats. Remember, just because something is OK to eat or drink as a human doesn’t mean it is safe for your cat too so they need to be treated like two completely different animals. Also, make sure you don’t give your kitty uncooked rice – boiled or steamed brown rice (or even white) is fine though.


Some people might tell you that you shouldn’t feed cats rice at all but this isn’t true either. As I said before, cats can eat rice and there are plenty of ways to serve it; most cats will enjoy it even if only in small amounts. It’s probably not a good idea to feed cooked rice to your cat every single day though (just like you shouldn’t feed them this all the time), but sometimes it won’t hurt too much if they get hold of some.

What kind of rice is good for cats?

All types of rice are good for cats, but you should avoid giving them any flavored or seasoned rice. Cooked brown rice is fine but boiled white rice isn’t recommended as it can cause stomach issues in some kitties. If you’re not sure whether the type of rice you have is safe for your cat then check out this list.

Is it OK for cats to eat rice?

Yes, rice is OK for cats to eat. In fact, a small amount of cooked rice isn’t enough to harm your kitty and it can even provide them with the minerals and nutrients they need. It’s best not to give your cat any flavored or seasoned rice though as this could cause stomach problems. If you’re not sure whether the type of rice you have is safe for your cat, check out this list.

Rice is a flat grain that comes from the paddy fields where it grows abundantly. This crop has been an important part of the diet of people around the world since ancient times and as such there are countless ways to cook and serve it. Rice is very popular in Asian countries and it is also used in several parts of the world.

What type of grains can cats eat?

Cats can eat most types of grains, including rice and corn. They can also eat wheat and oats but they should not be fed garlic or onion powder. These flavors are considered toxic for cats, so if you’re going to try giving your kitty some cereal make sure it doesn’t contain any of these ingredients!

Can rice upset a cat’s stomach?

Rice isn’t known to be bad for cats and will not upset their digestive systems. However, sometimes cats can get sick if they eat too much of it or if they eat too much in one go. I would recommend that you don’t feed your cat white rice every day as well, it’s best to give them a variety of foods.

Can cats eat white rice?

Yes, although it’s not recommended to give your cat white rice on a regular basis. It’s best to give them some variety so why not try offering brown rice instead? This will provide them with plenty of extra nutrients and it won’t cause any stomach upset either.

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