Can Cat Eat Turkey?Can Cat Eat Turkey?

Turkey is a holiday favorite that often ends up on the table during Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, and it’s typically accompanied by all sorts of fixings — potatoes, gravy, corn, and more. If you’re wondering whether your cat can eat turkey, we’ve got everything you need to know about the meat’s safety for felines. We’ll also take a look at some other common foods cats eat (or shouldn’t eat) around the holidays.

Can Cat Eat Turkey?
Can Cat Eat Turkey?

Q: Is turkey safe for cats to eat?

A: While feeding small amounts of lean ground turkey to dogs has been deemed safe for pups in moderation , there’s no such ruling in place for cats — and that means it isn’t advisable to share in your kitty’s meal.

Holiday foods that are dangerous for cats

Because you’re likely to bring turkey into the home during the holiday season, it’s essential to keep your cat away from it — along with other risky items commonly found at Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner. As Dr. Susan Kelleher , DVM, explains, cranberries are “one of the most dangerous foods around.” She notes that because cranberries can be fatal to cats, kitty should never ingest them .

Additionally, many people give their feline friends milk as a treat or offer them mac n’ cheese or other cheesy dishes when they gather around the table for festive meals. However, it’s important to note that dairy can cause digestive issues in felines and must be avoided.

Holiday foods that are safe for cats

– Cooked carrots, green beans or peas

– Cooked white fish

– Oven-baked chicken breast

– Cooked turkey (lean)

“Turkey is fine in small amounts,” Dr. Kelleher says. “But you should really stay away from gravy, stuffing and things that are not meant for cats. The best thing to do when having a holiday dinner is to make sure your cat has its own special food.”

A veterinarian who spoke with VetStreet also explained the dangers of feeding raw turkey to pets . Although it’s true that cats in the wild may go after prey animals like rabbits or rodents, they don’t typically hunt turkeys in particular — so feeding them to your furry friend (even in smaller amounts) can upset its natural diet and make it difficult for kittens to digest the meat.

Moral of the story: Turkey is not safe for cats this holiday season, so avoid bringing any into your home if you want to keep Fido away from risky foods. If you unsure how much turkey is too much for your furry friend to eat, ask a veterinarian or animal hospital in your area for assistance.

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