There is some debate over whether or not bunnies can eat clementine peels. Some people say that the peels are safe for bunnies to eat, while others believe that they can cause digestive problems. So, what’s the answer?

Well, according to the House Rabbit Society, clementine peels are a big no-no. “Citrus is highly acidic and not good for rabbits to eat,” they say. “The peel contains the same chemicals as in the fruit and offers little nutritional value. It may cause digestive tract upset.”

In addition, Dr. Dana Krempels from the HRS says, “Citrus peels are not a good idea for rabbits because they contain essential oils which can upset the delicate balance of a rabbit’s digestive system.”

So, bunnies should not eat clementine peels. If they do, a trip to the vet may be in order. The House Rabbit Society recommends that bunnies under one year old stay away from citrus fruits and vegetables altogether. However, as long as you make sure your bunny isn’t eating too many clementine peels or any other citrus fruits, you should be okay.

BUNNY BUDDIES VERDICT: Clementine peels are not good for bunnies to eat because they upset the digestive system and provide no nutritional value. Bunnies under one year old should stay away from them altogether. However, if your bunny does eat a peel, it does not necessarily cause alarm. Just monitor your bunny’s behavior and if you see any signs of digestive upset, take them to the vet.

So, there you have it – bunnies can’t eat clementine peels!

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