Can Baby Rabbits Eat Timothy Hay?Can Baby Rabbits Eat Timothy Hay?

that depends on the age of the rabbit.

if you are asking whether or not baby rabbits can eat timothy hay that is already in your home, then the answer is yes.

if you are asking whether or not baby rabbits can eat timothy hay grown in your yard without getting sick, then the answer is no.


because bunnies love to munch on grasses and weeds.

you see, most yards have weed species in them that are harmful to young animals. so while it may seem like a good idea to let the bunny loose in your yard for some fresh air and exercise, keep him indoors until he’s older.

how about six months old?

then you can start slowly introducing him to the great outdoors.

until then, keep your bunny safe and healthy by feeding him timothy hay, which is grass hay that is low in calcium and high in fiber.

to sum it up, baby rabbits can eat timothy hay, but only if it is given to them in a controlled environment like their home. never give baby rabbits access to yards or other areas where they could potentially eat harmful plants. wait until they are at least six months old before you start letting them explore on their own. in the meantime, make sure your bunny gets all the nutrition he needs by feeding him timothy hay.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Timothy Hay?
Can Baby Rabbits Eat Timothy Hay?


What is ‘timothy hay’?

Timothy hay is a type of grass that makes up most bunnies ‘ diets.

It is low in calcium and high in fiber, making it the perfect option for rabbits to eat when they are hungry.

Can baby rabbits eat timothy hay?


The only problem is you have to make sure it’s not mixed with anything else.

Do not give your baby rabbit pellets or any other food besides timothy hay right away, because this can restrict its growth.

Timothy hay should be the main source of nutrition for baby rabbits until they are six months old.

It is also important that you remove uneaten food within 12 hours to prevent spoilage.

What are the benefits of timothy hay?

Timothy hay has many benefits for rabbits.

First, it helps wear down their teeth so they don’t grow too big. It also keeps them full and content because bunnies love eating grasses like timothy hay.

Lastly, timothy hay is good for their digestive system because bunnies can’t produce cecotropes on their own.

Cecotrophes are like a soft paste that is produced in the cecum of rabbits and contains vital nutrients like vitamins B and C, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids, protein, and more.

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