Best Low Phosphorus Dog FoodBest Low Phosphorus Dog Food

Pets have become a part of our family. If you have one, then you would know how close these four-legged creatures can get to us and how much they mean to us. Like humans, there are certain health concerns for pets as well which need to be taken care of.

For instance, the amount of protein in their food is very important as high amounts of protein can cause kidney failure. It is not only good but rather necessary to keep a check on phosphorus levels that your pet’s diet has got. In this article I will tell you about the best low phosphorus dog food brands available on market today:

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal LP Modified Dog Food – This kibble is meant for dogs who suffer from chronic kidney failure. The food is formulated for reducing the amount of phosphorus in your dog’s body and to maintain a healthy level of phosphorus in their blood.

This diet can be given to dogs who suffer from renal problems which have been caused due to a high amount of protein levels in their diet. Most of the time, it is recommended by veterinarians that if your dog’s kidneys have failed because you fed them with a high protein diet, then they should be kept on this low-protein food until further instructions are given by your vet.

NUTRO ULTRA Adult Dry Dog Food – It is one of my favorite brands as it offers some great quality products at reasonable rates. This k is available in many flavors i.e. chicken and rice, lamb and rice, etc. It is packed with the goodness of omega fatty acids which helps in maintaining the healthy skin and coat of dogs. This best low phosphorus diet contains vitamin A to maintain good vision in your dogs and niacin for promoting a healthy digestive system.

Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d – It is one of its kinds as it not only helps in reducing the levels of phosphorus but also manages the symptoms caused by Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The food can be given to both dogs and cats that suffer from kidney problems or failure to keep them fit and fine even when they have renal issues! If you are wondering, yes this best low phosphorus dog food can be given to both kittens and puppies as well.

Science Diet Adult 7+ Small & Toy Breed – This is another great product by Hill’s to maintain the health of your small-sized dog or puppy. For those who wonder, yes it can be given to large dogs as well even though they might not need such a low phosphorus diet. But because this has lots of great qualities packed in one bag, you should give it a try even if your pet does not suffer from renal issues! So that means every canine friend you have at home would benefit from this yummy food. You can check out more information on the best cat foods for older cats here.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light – If you think your pooch is overweight and needs to shed some weight, then this is the food you should be giving them. It has low levels of phosphorus along with lots of fiber to keep your dog full all day long and not give in to grab that treat sitting on your table! With only 220 calories per cup, I am sure it will be easy for him to maintain his ideal weight.

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