Best affordable dog food for pitbulls.Best affordable dog food for pitbulls.

Dog’s bodily functions are a well-oiled machine. Everything from digestion to coat health is impacted by the nutrients they receive. But proper nutrition doesn’t have to drain your wallet. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best affordable dog food for pitbulls.

Best affordable dog food for pitbulls.
Best affordable dog food for pitbulls.

Pick #1 – Purina Dog Chow

With 16 different proteins and four distinctive processing stages, Purina Dog Chow helps support strong muscles as well as healthy skin and coat in every bite. This protein-rich formula gives your pal complete and balanced nourishment that won’t break the bank!

Pick #2 – Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition provides everything your adult canine needs at a low cost! With essential vitamins and minerals, an advanced blend of antioxidants and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat, plus 24 essential nutrients to help support strong muscles, this is the perfect choice for any adult dog.

Pick #3 – Iams Naturals

Iams Naturals has simple recipes with single animal proteins like chicken or lamb as the first ingredient. It also has antioxidant nutrients including vitamins C & E to help support your adult dog’s immune system, plus minerals zinc & selenium, plus prebiotics to aid in digestion.

Pick #4 – Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula provides 100% balanced nutrition when your adult canine needs it most! Made specifically for adult at least one year of age, this limited-ingredient formula is ideal for dogs with chronic food sensitivities.

Pick #5 – Purina Busy Bone

With a unique flavor combination of peanut butter and molasses, the crunchy outer layer and soft inside make it easy for small dogs to chew and nice for big dogs to enjoy as a tasty snack or between meals. Best affordable dog food for pitbulls

Pick #6 – Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance has carefully selected each protein source to be easily digestible and nutrient rich without any added fillers or artificial colors or flavors so you can feel good about feeding your furry friend something that is both diet friendly and delicious! These highly palatable formulas are available in & lamb, salmon, turkey, duck, venison and green pea varieties.

Pick #7 – Meow Mix Irresistible Selects

Meow Mix Irresistible Select cat food is made with real tuna & chicken breasts in savory juices for delicious flavor your cats will love! For added nutrition it has essential vitamins and minerals for healthy muscle development, plus antioxidants to help support your cat’s immune system.

Pick #8 – Beneful Originals

Beneful Originals takes the stress out of shopping by providing complete & balanced nutrition at an affordable price. Your dogs can enjoy a blend of real beef or pork shoulder along with whole grain rice in yummy recipes like Savory Stews, Ocean Whitefish & Mackerel or High Protein Chicken & Rice that they’ll come running for!

Pick #9 – Nutro Ultra Adult

Nutro Ultra Adult provides your dog with a combination of wholesome grains, fiber and protein from chicken & brown rice to promote digestive health. It also helps promote strong muscles and healthy skin & coat, which means you won’t have to worry about going over budget when it comes to keeping that tail wagging!

Pick #10 – Canidae All Life Stages

Canidae All life stages cat food is designed to provide balanced nutrition for growth and maintenance throughout your cat’s life as well as a specific formula just for kittens! With chicken as the first ingredient in every formula, this hypoallergenic recipe is great for sensitive kitties but packed with high-quality protein to provide lean muscle development.

Pick #11 – Eagle Pack Holistic Select

Eagle Pack is proud to produce 100% natural pet food with absolutely no preservatives or additives. Our holistic, grain free recipe is great for active dogs of all ages and breeds with superior levels of highly digestible protein plus healthy fats, vegetables & fruits that combine into a tasty meal your dog will love!

Pick #12 – Nutro Max Adult

Nutro Max Adult provides complete nutrition for adult dogs at an affordable price! Designed specifically for large breed dogs over 50 pounds, this limited ingredient formula with salmon meal & rice has high quality ingredients so you can feel good about feeding your furry friend something that won’t break the bank.

Pick #13 – Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild provides your dog with a blend of protein rich bison and venison, paired with fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes and peas to create a complete & balanced diet. This limited ingredient formula is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs because it contains probiotics & antioxidants to promote digestive health!

Pick #14 – Merrick Dog Food

Best affordable dog food for pitbulls.
Best affordable dog food for pitbulls.

When you give your furry friend Merrick’s high protein real meat treats or food, you can feel good about treating them to something healthy because they contain no fillers like corn, soy, wheat or gluten! Merrick uses only farm raised meats that are USDA approved so feeding their delicious products is both budget friendly and nutritious.

Pick #15 – Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo has set out to make food that is natural and holistic without compromising on quality. Made with real deboned buffalo, this limited ingredient formula is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs because it is grain free and highly digestible!

Pick #16 – Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic provides your dog with a healthy life from the ground up! With premium ingredients like high protein meats & nutrient rich superfoods, it has been formulated to promote peak health at an affordable price.

Pick #17 – Wellness CORE

Wellness CORE makes foods that are complete and balanced while also being gluten-free so you can feel good about feeding them something nutritious while staying within budget. Your pets will love the freeze dried raw pieces in their diet because it’s like giving them real food!

Pick #18 – Solid Gold Barking at the Moon

If your pup is an adventurer, they’ll love Solid Gold Barking at the Moon with venison and wild boar. This all life stage formula will have them barking for more because it contains only nutrient dense ingredients so you know you won’t be feeding them anything bad for their health or their budget!

Pick #19 – Weruva

Weruva has created a line of cat and dog foods that are made from high quality, natural ingredients that contain no preservatives, hormones or additives. Your pets will love the delicious recipes in this collection of exotic meats packed into digestible kibble that won’t break the bank!

Pick #20 – Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety believes in making all natural, raw and grain-free pet food and treats. The Biologically Appropriate line provides your cat and dog with real whole foods that are closer to what they would eat out in the wild!

Pick #21 – Orijen

Orijen makes premium fresh regional ingredients into tasty kibble free of fillers like wheat, corn & soy. This unique process allows them to pack more meat & less starch which will help your pet digest their food better while keeping them full longer!

Pick #22 – Wellness Core

Wellness Core is made up of 35% protein from quality meats plus nutrient dense superfoods to provide a recipe that will keep your pet healthy throughout their life. This formula has everything you need and nothing you don’t so it makes a great choice if your budget is pinched.

Pick #23 – Canidae

Canidae started with the simple goal of making foods that keep pets healthy, but they wound up becoming one of the top dog food brands in America! With multiple protein sources & nutrient rich superfoods, their flagship formulas are highly digestible and full of natural ingredients so you know you’re feeding your pet something good.

Pick #24 – Solid Gold

Solid Gold believes that your pets deserve to eat like royalty without having to break the bank! Made with high quality ingredients like free range meats and sprouted seeds, this family owned company wants every furry friend to enjoy their premium recipes with total peace of mind.

Pick #25 – California Natural

California Natural believes in using only the finest natural ingredients available to make healthy foods that are free from additives, preservatives & chemicals so you can feel good about feeding them something that is great for their health and easy on your wallet!

Pick #26 – Newman’s Own Organics

Newman’s Own Organics has taken high quality organically sourced meats and packed them into tasty kibble in order to bring your dog a delicious meal without breaking the bank! All of their recipes are made with human grade ingredients like whole grains, fruits & veggies so they’ll love eating it every day.

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