Are Tabby Cats Hypoallergenic? A tabby cat, while certainly not hypoallergenic, is far less likely to cause allergy symptoms for two reasons. The first reason is their hair type. A cat’s hair consists of two distinct layers: a rough outer layer called the “guard coat,” and a soft, downy undercoat. People who are allergic to cats are typically only allergic to the guard coat because it contains more protein than the undercoat.

Tabby coats have alternating bands of light and dark color that hide the individual hairs in the undercoat so they can’t easily be seen or felt. This means there isn’t as much exposed protein on the surface of their fur which makes them hypoallergenic compared to non-tabby cats.

The second reason is their skin. Unlike most cats, which have very thin and delicate skin, a tabby cat’s skin is usually much thicker. Since their skin is more durable it can actually “bristle” when touched with the same texture as hair standing on end; this is called “horripilation.” The extra thickness of their skin reduces how far cat dander and saliva (which typically contain high amounts of protein) penetrate and mix with the air around them. This reduces an allergic person’s exposure to these elements and also helps reduce the severity of their allergy symptoms.

Unfortunately, most allergy sufferers aren’t interested in owning any type of cat because they’re allergic to all breeds. Cats are truly unique creatures that provide many wonderful benefits to their owners; they make great companions and are very low maintenance.

There are allergy shots available for people who want a cat but can’t stand the thought of living life without pets. Some tabby cats have been shown to produce fewer allergens than other breeds, so finding a good match might just be a matter of some trial and error with different types of cats.

Do tabby cats shed alot?

A well-groomed tabby cat should not shed a noticeable amount of hair.

Cats have an outer layer which they shed, and this varies from cat to cat, depending on the season and their general health. Most cats will have a ‘blow’ once or twice a year when their fur coats are completely replaced – this is called molting.

Tabby cats, like tortoiseshells and calicos, have a patterned fur which is often mistaken for a bad shed when the fur is growing in – this occurs frequently to tabby cats, but can occur to any cat. Calico or tortoiseshell cats are almost always female because of chromosomal combinations.

Are tabby Bengals hypoallergenic?

Tabby Bengals, like any other cats with a fur coat, can potentially cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to cats. However, there is no guarantee that they will not cause allergies or that they will reduce the severity of allergy symptoms significantly enough for someone to be able to live with one comfortably.

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