Siamese cats don’t shed and they do not cause allergies, but there may be exceptions. The history of the Siamese cat goes back to Thailand (formerly Siam) where it is known as Wichian Mat, meaning “Moon Diamond.” This breed began when a religious temple near Bangkok was raided in 1852. Two blue point Siamese were acquired by a British Captain, who gave them to his sister in England. From this re-shipping and other sources, fanciers in Europe were able to procure more specimens and develop what we know today as the modern Siamese cat.

A True Blue Point Siamese Cat Although we tend to see many colors in today show rings, including reds and creams. The original Siamese cats were a very pale pinkish-peach color. As time passed and generations developed, new colors emerged.

History of Siamese Cats

In the 1960s, breeders in England began to develop what would be known as the Traditional or Apple head Siamese cat. This new breed type had a more moderate head conformation with a solid bone structure, large rounded eyes and ears that folded forward. The American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) later developed its own version of this apple headed style which is now called the Old Style Siamese.

Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic
Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic

Appearance of Siamese Cats

The modern Siamese still has an elegant appearance but is not extreme like their predecessors . Breeders took out some of the roundness to achieve a more refined look. Eyes are very wide-set and ears small, triangular and upright. The body has a medium length while the legs are fine and dainty. They still have an overall lean appearance but do not appear frail or weak because of it.

The Siamese is one of the most vocal cats in the world . This breed never ceases to tell its owners what’s on her mind! In fact, many people find this talking to be a bit much for them and will look into getting another type of cat instead. However, if you like to communicate with your feline companion all day long (yes , they do love to chitchat) then go for it! It’s also important to note that Siamese cats enjoy being around people and are extremely loyal to their owners.

Do Siamese Cats Shed

Hesitant owner looking at Siamese kitten But, what about allergies? Allergens in cats are actually found in the cat’s saliva and skin. When your cat grooms themselves they spread these allergens on their fur coat which can be breathed in by humans (and dogs). However, many people with asthma do not find that the Siamese breed is any more of an allergy trigger for them than other breeds . Several studies have shown that there is no difference between shedding levels of shorthaired cats vs longhaired cats,all shed.

One theory suggests it’s not about hair length but more about protein sensitivity . The protein theory basically states that some people are sensitive to certain proteins in the saliva of all cats, whether longhaired or shorthaired. It is still speculated that Siamese cats might have more of this protein than other breeds but it has not been proven.

Some common health issues for Siamese are kidney disease and hip dysplasia . A new blood test was developed to check for polycystic kidney disease (PKD). This can be done by taking a small amount of blood from the cat’s tail; all the owner needs to do is send it away to the lab. The best way to prevent PKD is through early testing and getting your cat neutered or spayed later on.

Hip dysplasia is not as common in this breed anymore due to strict breeding standards. The Siamese was actually the first breed to have specific hip requirements in the show ring. However, not all cats that have been neutered/spayed will be free of this genetic disorder.

Are Siamese cats low shedding?

Yes but only in comparison to other longhaired cats. The Siamese still has an undercoat which many people do not realize because the guard hairs are so long. This causes them to shed much more than shorthaired cats, but they are still considered hypoallergenic.

Are Siamese as hypoallergenic as Balinese?

It is not recommended to compare different breeds of cat when it comes to allergies. The Balinese and Siamese are completely different cats with completely different fur coats. A better comparison would be between the Balinese and another longhaired breed such as an oriental shorthair.

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