ARE DANDELIONS POISONOUS FOR DOGS? Many people think that dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) are poisonous to pets, but they only make the pet sick if too many of them are eaten. This is why it’s important not to allow your dog free access to your yard where he could eat a mouthful or two dandelions. The active ingredients in dandelions that give them their bitter taste and slightly narcotic effect on humans also affect dogs. In moderate amounts, though, they can be used as a mild diuretic and liver tonic for dogs with certain ailments such as arthritis and digestive problems.


Dogs who eat dandelions usually display symptoms such as loss of appetite and lethargy after about 24 hours.

Before long, your dog should recover fully but if the effects last for more than a couple of days, you might want to take him to your vet. Don’t worry about giving your dog dandelions though; they make wonderful additions to salads and are much safer than chemical insecticides when it comes to protecting your pet from disease-carrying insects like mosquitos!

Are dandelions poisonous for dogs?

Are dandelions poisonous for dogs? Although I am not sure if these could be harmful in small amounts (like any other food/plant), apparently there is another plant that resembles these (and is very similar in appearance) that can be extremely dangerous. I am not sure of the name, but apparently, it can cause liver problems in dogs.

ARE DANDELIONS POISONOUS FOR DOGS? They are not toxic, but they may cause diarrhea because of the high fiber content. if your dog does not have a sensitive stomach though, then I would say that it is okay for them to eat them in small amounts. just make sure that you groom your pet after he has eaten these plants to get rid of any parts that may still be stuck between his teeth/on his fur.

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